Here at Icon, we think that everyone, not just the big corporates, have the right to high quality web sites that add real value without the high cost normally associated with professional web design.
Our mission is to bring high quality, professionally designed webs sites within easy reach of everyone’s budget.
Gone are the days when the products and services you need are found using paper directories like the Yellow Pages, people are looking on the internet for the things they want and if your products or service isn’t there, well that’s a sale lost!
A clear, easy to use web site can make sure that the services your business provide can be found quickly on search engines like Google and your customers need to look no further.

Professionally designed web sites can cost thousands of pounds to set up and are too complex and costly for most businesses, who just want to have a web presence to promote their services and contact details etc. so that their customers can find them easily.

See our example sites to see the amazing sites that we can offer, fully set up and ready to use with all the great features you need.